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Types of the Egg Tart


        The egg tart can be divided into two types totally, one is the round egg tart, another is the Oval shape.  The oval shape egg tart is come from the Hong Kong in China.  In the past year, the early egg tart commonly is made in the oval shape which only appeared in  Hong Kong, people like ot eat the egg tart after lunch.  And with the development of the society, the oval changing into other shapes, especially the round shape egg tart.  

        Now there is hardly to see the oval shape egg tart in the market, the round shape egg tart shapp is more common.  The round shape egg tart usually be devided into three different types, the butter tart, crisp tart and the portuguese egg tarts. The butter tart is more smooth, just like the potted cake, it taste delicious with butter.  The crisp tart made with the thin skin, similar with puff pastry in the west.  But its has the thick skin, so it need less fillings.  The portuguese egg tarts is one small creamy pastry pie, it was bring into in Macao in 1989. This types egg tart is changed the traditional making way, and reduce the sugar, and use the cream, poular in the world quickly.  

       No matter which types egg tart, it should made by the professional tart making machine, for it's hard made without the professional equipment help. Some machines are necessary, so if you want to start a new business about the egg tart, would better choose one special egg tart machine before doing business.  

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