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Chicken Nugget Machine Price


What is your chicken nugget machine price? In fact, there are different models, and different model with different price.
We will send you the machine price after introducing you the appropriate model. Although the price of the machine is different, the function and nature are the same. In order for you to better understand our machines, we will show you the chicken nugget production line details with you here.
Easy-to-attach molds allows you to create the various shapes that you desire. (For example round, square, pentagram, etc.) The chicken nuggets machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling and forming. For best output combine with a fully automatic prepared of batter, breading and frying machine.
 chicken nugget machine
1. Customize molds are available for the machine for multiple formation.
2. Feeding system guarantees high productivity with stable quality.
3. In conformity with the standard of CE authorization.
4. Stainless steel made and portion non-metal material, safe and reliable.
5. The operation is simple, 2-3 people can complete the production from raw materials to finished products.
Main Benefits:
1. Quick and easy form mold.
2. Produce exact and consistent size, weight and shape.
3. High durability, and ease of operation.
4. Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
5. Hygienic production process.
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