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Chikki Making Machine Price List


Chikki is a traditional India sweet which is made of nuts and sugar. There are also the specialized machine for making chikki. And we always receive inquiry about the chikki making machine price list.
The chikki making machine consists of different machines, and of course the prices are different. Here we will give a detailed introduction to each machine.
 Chikki making machine price

Sugar cooking machine:
The machine is composed of pot body and foot. The pot body is a double - layer structure formed by the inner and outer spheres, and the middle layer is heated by steam heating.There are fixed, inclinable, stirring and other styles.This pot with a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time, heating temperature is easy to control, convenient operation. Price is about $1000-$2000.
Mixing machine:
This machine is used to fully mix sugar, nuts and other raw materials, so that the materials can be better bonded together. Made of stainless steel to meet hygienic standards. The price is about $ 500- $ 1000.
Forming and cutting machine:
This machine usually used for forming and cutting the chikki. The machine is frequency control, flatting and cutting for one time. With multiple flat structures,pressed flat, uniform thickness. Automatic cutting, Time-saving, labor-saving, economical and convenient. This machine price is about $10000-$150000.
The above are the main machines and prices of chikki making. The actual price of the machine depends on the model you choose. There are also some other supporting machines. If you are interested in knowing the price, please contact us.
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