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Special Continuous Frying Machine for Indian Samosa


        This Samosa frying machine also named the single tank frying machine, it is the most popular small fryer in many countries.  Capacity of the machine is 50 kg per hour, very suitable for the small foods processing working. What's more, this  frying machine also has one big advantage than other machine, save energy and oil during working.  The oil temperature can be control very automatic, just follow the practic condition. The commonly frying machine is usually make the smoke during frying foods, but this small machine save this problem. And the it can save the electrity about 40 % each time. For some small businessmen and traders, the stability of the machine is very important for the futher developing. Only goos machine can be bought by customers more by more. 
       Due to the frying foods is very crisp, so it has big market in the future, the frying foods development will also promote the frying machine development.  Untill now, the fied foods has been all over the streets.  We can offer more different types of others frying machine in you want to know abut more details. Such as the continuous frying machine, oil-water system foods frying machine, and so on. 


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