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Steel Plate Cutting Process of Frying Machine


Cutting standards of the steel plate cutting process of frying machine: 
1. Scope:  Use the flame cutting technology cut the different size steel plate. 
2. Material requirements: The steel plate should be checked by the quality inspection and acceptance, the indicators meet the national standards phase shall be provided.
3. Steel plate should be checked thickness and surface quality before cutting. A small area of ​​pitting is out of the design, you can use welding grinding polished them until qualified.
4. Construction equipment and tools: cutting equipment including CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, straight cutting machine, semi-self moving cutting machine. 
5.  Before gas cutting, check the equipment and tools of the entire cutting system whether is normal operation. 
6. The cutting error should be controlled within the 5mm. In semi-automatic cutting, the rail should be placed on the plane of the cutting plate, and then light on the cutting machine on the track. So that there is a torch for the side of the operator, according to the thickness of the steel cutting mouth selection, adjust the cutting straightness and cutting speed.
7.  According to the automatic cutting and semi-automatic cutting methods, adjust the distance between each cutting torch, determine the amount of drag, and test. 
8.  Each cutting materils ahould be polished very precisely. 
9. Finally, combined components of the whole machine, and test whether this machine is working well. 

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