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What Is Chikki Manufacturing Process?


What is chikki manufacturing process? We know that chikki is a sweet product prepared by mixing various types of nuts and other ingredients either with sugar. There are many ingredients which are used like groundnut or cashew nut kernels, sesame seeds, pieces of dried coconut, dry fruits and so on.
Chikki manufacturing process
The manufacturing process is very simple. Sugar is boiled in water till thick syrup is formed and then filtered to remove unwanted particles. The hot syrup is mixed with groundnut or roasted sesame seeds, pieces of roasted coconut, nuts, etc. Then the mixture is poured in trays for drying. After a few minutes, small square sized pieces are cut and individual piece is packed in plastic wrappers.
Chikki manufacturing Process flow:
1. Roasting of peanut, sesame, pieces of coconut, etc.
2. Preparation of syrup of sugar.
3. Mixing the syrup and other raw material.
4. Forming, cooling and cutting.
5. Packing.
 Chikki Manufacturing Process
Chikki making by machine:
If you want to make more chikki in less time then use machine. This way you can make more chikki in less time and earn good profits. You require a variety of machines for this purpose. They are as under:
1. Peanut roaster machine
2. Peanut skin removing machine
3. Peanut and sugar mixing machine
4. Sheeting and cutting machine
5. Packing machine
The combination of all these machines helps setting up the plant for making chikki.
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