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The Features of Non-Fried Instant Noodles Production Line


Introduction of non - fried instant noodle production line:
         Non-fried instant noodles is more healthy for people.The future development process will also have an increasing market, popular far more than the fried instant noodles. Our design and manufacture of non-fried noodle production line equipment for many years, this machine can produce more types of noodles surface, such as box-shaped, round and so on. The production line equipment performance is stable, it can produce the 80,000 packs, 100,000 packs or 160,000 packs 200,000 bags of instant noodles every 8 hours. With special designed, this line occupies the workshop area to be small, even all parts of this line are made by stainless steel material to make, more green practical and conforms to the food hygiene request.
         The main difference between non-fried instant noodle production lines and fried instant noodles is one use of micro-puffing process and another use hte hot air drying process. Hot air drying non-fried instant noodles machine is a very common equipment for the non-fried instant noodles process. 
Characteristics of non - fried instant noodle production line:
1. The whole production line designed with unique production process, a new layout and design, safe and reliable, amateur beautiful, high degree of automation, is the more advanced production of instant noodles environmental protection equipment.
2. This machine is reliable quality, good looks, reasonable design, both small investment, quick, which is suitable for the small and medium-sized medium enterprises. But also with a high degree of automation, advanced technology, high product quality.
3. Non-fried instant noodles production line produce the products with bright color, taste smooth. Drying time is longer, the surface of the noodles' organization is fine.
4. In order to shorten the drying time and cooking time, non-fried noodles instant noodles is thinner. 

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