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The Nutrition of the Sesame Candy


How many advantages of eating the sesame candy in our daily life? What the difference between the white sesame and black sesame? We can eat the sesame candy from the market which is made by the sesame candy bar making machine. But few people know the knowledge of the sesame candy.

Sesame candy is a fitness and longevity of the oil food. It is not only nutritious, but also can trea the indigestion, cold cough and other diseases. The characterized of this candy is color beige, sweet and delicious and very crisp. Teenagers who with white hair, also can eat this black sesame candy.

Nutritional Analysis
Sesame can be devided into two kinds, one is the black, another is white. For the edible, the white sesame is better, as medicinal the black sesame is best. Black sesame is good for the iron deficiency anemia, chronic neuritis, peripheral neuritis, atherosclerosis, etc.  According to the reports, frying the sesame seeds, and crushed with a rolling pin or sesame grinder into a powder, then stir in sugar and lard, which can be made into dumplings, buns stuffing food, or transferred to rice gruel. The gruel is very benefit for baby. Alternatively, the application of black sesame paste available on the market. Sesame oil is a nutritional seasoning, a strong aroma, soup, cold dishes, noodles, pastries, Hanamaki good spices. Sesame also with delicious flavor, it can be put into the breakfast, salad, cold noodles and other spices.
Therapeutic prescription
(1) Body weak after the illness or anemia. Fried with black sesame seeds, add walnut powder into powder, each 2 spoons for eat every time, when serving with honey or sugar water delivery service.
(2) Cough. Fried black sesame powder 100 grams, 20 grams of sugar, transfer paste food.
(3) Black sesame can strong bodies bones and tendons. Black sesame powder, stems appropriate rice porridge, sugar consumption.
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