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Introduction of the Crisp Ice Cream Cone Making Machine


        What is the crisp ice cream cone making machine? It is usually used for making the ice cream cone in some small and medium enterprises though two machines. Due to its small size, and easy to move has been sold to many  countries. The cone made by this machine taste very crisp and delicious with the same size.  It is a good too to open your ice cream cone making business. 

        This machine is consist of two parts, one is the ice cream cone baking machine, and another is the ice cream cone rolling machine. It designed based on the production process, because first step is that the machine should make the ice cream cone sheet with automatic grouting. When the baking plate is opening, the worker can pick them by hands for next step. The second step is that the worker can hold the ice cream sheet which has been baked into the rolling machine, the rolling machine can roling them  with a high speed. Once the ice crem cone is finished, the ice cream cone will automaticlly fall out  from this machine. The crisp ice cream cone making process is finished. The usage of this mahcine is very easy, anyone can operate this machine, and the whole making process can reduce many workers. 

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