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Simple Introduction of Electric Sesame Paste Grinder


Application of electric sesame paste grinder:
This sesame seed grinder machine is electric system for working. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other materials, such as peanuts, almonds, pineapple, sesame, butter, beans, soybeans, juicer, soy milk, etc. Whole machine made of stainless steel for improving the final foods quiality.  

Working princinple: 
Though the friction between 
stator and rotor for grinding different nuts materials into paste or butter.  The difference between the stator and rotor can be adjusted by your demand. 

Ouput of final materials: 
There are kinds of grinder for different materials. The LG-50 usually used for grinding sesame, beacsue its feeding mouth is very small, peanuts size is large than the feeding mouth, thus before griding, all the peanuts should be cutted into small size. So the LG-50 only for the sesame grinding working. In order to reduce the time and cost, there are the professional peanuts butter machine.  Actually, the sesame seed grinder suitable for the small output sesame seed grinding work, because its ouput no more than 80 kg per hour. If you want to produce large output sesame, the peanuts grinding machine also is suitable for grinding sesame seeds. The peanuts grinding machine output is from 100 kg per hour to 800 kg per hour. What's more, this sesame seeds grinding machine also can be used for processing the tomatoes ketchup with others machines parts. 

Which country has been sold to?
This sesame seeds grinding machine has been sold to United States, India, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Mali, Israel, Tunisia, Konya, Iran, Uganda, Latvia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc. The sesame seeds grinder market will become more and more bright in future with its hig quality and species diversity. Any question and suggestion about this machine, please contact us freely. 
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