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Equipment for Flavoring Fried Chicken Nugget in Factory


For the fried foods flavoring work, we company can offer the professional octagonal flavoring machine for different fried flavoring work. Wildly used in fried foods field, puffed foods processing, nuts flavoring machine and even the pet food flavoring. Before using this machine, please make sure that which type your condiment? Liquide or powder or sauce, then decide how to adjust the angle and turning speed. Because to thick condiment may not suitable for fast speed for mixing very well. And liquide and powder are different speed for flavoring. 

Whole flavoring machine designed with stainless steel, more easy to clean the inside place. Due to the turning speed can be adjusted by the parctical demand, and the asjust details just follow the final products demand. 
Octagonal shape can keep the temperature of the flavoring machine, final products can be made more good.    

Final products sample:
Fried Chicken Nuggets

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