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Technological Requirements of Cassava Starch


Cassava starch producing is a very complicated process, all the cassava starch processing line parts should in the good condition. And there would better build sewage treatment equipment for protect environment

1. Must ensure the freshness of cassava raw materials for ensuring product quality and improve the recovery rate.
2. Clean cassava thoroughly, because cyanide toxins are mainly concentrated in the cassava cortexi which may unhealthy for people. 
3. During producing cassava starch, there may need large water, thus all the water should follow the drinking standard.
4. Do not use iron equipment and pipes, cyanide iron case will changed into a blue ferrocyanide and make starch with blue coloring, affecting starch quality. The equipment used, the best use of stainless steel or PVC pipe material.
5. During process, a large amount of material delivery, which requires more pumps. In order to achieve high-speed rotation in the equipment and separation.
6. Due the starch is easy to precipitate, and thus elbow and other parts of the pipeline should have a flange or a live joint, once the plug easy to disassemble and clean.
7. In order to ensure product quality, regular cleaning equipment, venues, and to keep them cleaning.
8. As the starch slurry is acidic, all pulp tanks (or tanks) should be treated with preservatives.
9. In the drying process, should control and eliminate all kinds of flammable sources, such as smoking, welding, electrostatic spark, etc., to prevent dust explosion, to ensure production safety. 
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