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Sold Sugar Cube Manufacturing Machine To India


Sold one set of sugar cube manufacturing machine to India. The customer will use the machine to make sugar cube with 13*13*13mm, this machine can also make other size by changing the models.
The sugar cube making machine sold to India can adds liquid sugar or water to white or red granulated sugar automatically, the sugar is prepared by stirring, feeding, rolling, cutting, drying, screening and other processes, then form sugar cube. The whole production line consists of automatic mixer, automatic rolling press, automatic cutting machine, tunnel oven, vibrating screen and other equipment. Adopt PLC control, high degree of automation, convenient maintenance, stable performance.
As a manufacturer, we have been engaged in the production of cube sugar manufacturing machine and related equipment for many years. Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, some products have passed eu CE testing, and obtained CE certificate. Our company integrates development manufacture, sales and after-sales service as a whole, to provide installation and debugging and technology formula, personnel training and workshop layout planning and other services, can also according to customer demand, formulate a set of complete solutions. The company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology. The cube sugar manufacturing machine has been exported to India, Russia, The Middle East, central and South Asia and other countries and regions. We will give back the customer's support with high quality products, efficient and professional pre-sales and after-sales service. So please don’t worry the logistics.

Sugar Cube Manufacturing Machine
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