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Sold Industrial Cold Press Oil Machine Germany


One set automatic oil press machine sold to Germany, now we are loading the vehicle, then carry the machine to the port, shipping to Germany.
The industrial cold press oil machine can press all kinds of raw materials, low temperature, nutrition will not drain. The slag is small, the oil is clear, the operation is simple, and it is not affected by seasons.The industrial cold press oil machine is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filtration components.Worm is treated by alloy steel by carburize to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance.  Distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components are selected from domestic famous brands. The surface of the machine is treated with stainless steel and chromium plating, which is in line with the food hygiene standards.
The cold press oil machine not can only ship to Germany, but also other countries, if you have any demand and other question, please contact us for free.

Industrial Cold Press Oil Machine

Cold Press Oil Machine Germany
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