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Sold Sugar Cube Making Machine To Turkey


Today we sold one set of sugar cube machine to Turkey. This machine is specially designed for the production of sugar cube, the unique customized delivery pump, to solve the problem of difficult syrup delivery, LED touch screen operation is simple and convenient.
The sugar cube machine sold to Turkey with following features:
1. Quality digital control: material heating temperature, time and stirring speed can be set in accordance with the requirements of microcomputer temperature control, precision of + / - 1 ℃, automatic alarm prompt. No stirring dead ends, non - stick pan. The stirring pot can be turned over automatically, the turning angle can be set at will, and the heating and stirring can be separated to save labor.
2. Safe, no risk of scald.
3. The sugar cube making machine can save energy: adopt the principle of superaudio heating, make the pot body heat directly, the energy efficiency is more than 95%, compared with the traditional way of heating, the energy saving is 50%. Save time and electricity. It improves the working efficiency and reduces the waste of thermal energy in the process of conduction.
4. Environmental protection: no smoke, exhaust, odor and other harmful gas emissions. Avoid the pollution to the working environment.
5. Efficient: rapid heating, boot on 25 seconds can be up to 100 ℃, the production process of digital control.
6. Hygiene: made of pure stainless steel material, it fully ensures the health of food.
7. Better quality: microcomputer digital temperature control, timing, processing technology easy to control. Ensure the color consistency of finished products.
8. Save labor cost: adopt full automation operation, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor force.
9. Long service life: it adopts imported high-end configuration, stainless steel material production, scientific and humanized design, rigorous attitude and perfect service to guarantee the long-term use of the machine.
We have sold the sugar cube machine to Turkey, India and other countries, if you are also  interested in this machine, please contact us for free.
Sugar Cube Machine Turkey
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