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Automatic Fryer Machine for Manufacturing Chips


Last week, an American customer leave his message on our company website, and then our sales manager contact him very quickly. He said he want to buy a pork skin cutting machine and pork skin frying machine, he has a pork skin snacks shop with a lot customers everyday. They cut the pork skin by hands previously, but the efficiency is too low, they want to buy an autoamtic cutting and frying machine to help them.  

From he send the order to buy the cutting machine and frying machine, just took fifteen days.  They are very confident to our machines and they hope to be able to more long-term cooperation with our company. The really advantage of the frying machine is the temperature of oil can be controlled, once the oil temperature become high, the machine will automatic stop heating. So customers don't worry about the oil temperature become too high. The final product can be made very uniform.

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