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Wooden Toothpick Making Line Sold to Uzbekistan


Today, we salesman Lisa sold one whole set wooden toothpick production line to Uzbekistan.  The customer who purchased this machine just in a very short period, because from the beginning of the inquiry, to the final purchase, he just spent two weeks. As we al know, Uzbekistan is a country mainly depend on imports, their industrial haven't very developed. The client wants to start his own production plant about wooden toothpick in their local. He think making by own, and sell in their local place, it would be better in their business.
All this wooden toothpick production line is just need 4 to 6 people to control these machines. You can save many workers in your factory. The capapcity of this production line can reach 50,000 pcs per hour, which the capacity is enough for you. You don't worry about out of stock. These machines usage is not difficult, just guide by introduction is ok. Of course this prodcution have another capcaity you can choose,such as 60,000 sets per hour.
Wooden Toothpick Making Machine

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