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A New Technology for Potato Starch Processing Line


After research by researchers, they developed a potato starch processing isolated juice can be used again in next step. The potatoes starch processing line can recycle wastewater and an effective decrease waste emissions.  China is the largest potato producer in the world, and also is the most important potato starch produce and use country. Because the potato is difficult storage, processing industry has become an important part of the potato industry.  However, in the potato starch processing process, the need to emit large amounts of juice separation (process water), which contains a lot of protein, starch, oligosaccharides, organic acids and other organic nutrients. 
But now people have developed a potato starch processing isolated process water closed continuously recovering protein production line. The line can be small particles of starch and fiber and protein separation and recovery step. The recovered crude protein feed additives can be used directly or further purified to achieve food-grade protein. Wastewater recycling protein extract after the organic matter concentration decreased by 50%, mainly residual organic small molecules, organic acids, polysaccharides, and potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and other mineral ingredients.
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