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Walnut Deep Processing Process


Walnut is rich in value, can be used to extract oil, the remaining walnut residue can also be made into walnut crisp, walnut protein drink. walnut shell can be made into bamboo charcoal bag. It can be said that the walnut is covered with treasure, and even the skin of the green walnut can extract dyeing raw materials.
walnut grinding machine
Of course, the walnut is covered with treasure, but how to maximum realization the value of walnut, that is deep processing for walnut. The yield of walnut in China is rich, has a unique advantage in the use of raw materials, however, the walnut industry in China is still a long-term stay in the processing and sales of fresh fruit, dried fruit. Deep processing capacity needs to be improved, at present, walnut processing is mainly for walnut kernel, such as walnut powder.

Walnut grinding after peeling and de-fat, add white granulated sugar, add or not add fresh milk (or milk) and other accessories, the use of advanced micro processing technology, can be made by spray drying of walnut powder. The whole process can be achieved by the walnut grinder machine. This product is a solid instant beverage, easy to carry, using the bag packing, is adapted to the family of products. Production and processing of walnut powder is relatively simple, mainly for raw materials at the beginning of treatment, needs to be applied to the equipment including peeling machine, milling machine, drying machine, packaging machine, in addition, food additives are also commonly used items.

Walnut deep processing prospects are unlimited. And in twenty-first Century the food industry production, pay more attention to the effectiveness of technology and equipment, the same is true for the walnut industry. As the food industry manufacturers should vigorously develop and improve equipment to meet customer needs.
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