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Difference of American Fries and French Fries


French FriesThe big difference of American Fries and French fries is their differen making methodst. American fries usually fried directly in oil, the french fries before fried will be boiled in the water.
Detailes of American fries making process:
1, Peel the skin of potatoes, cutting them into strips after cleaning;
2, Put egg, custard powder in container mix with potatoes strips;
3, Frying them with the slow fire with a small fire, once them become yellow and pick them out;
4, Stir fry some tomatoes tomato sauce, sugar in pan for eating potatoes strips.
Deatiels of French fries making process: 
Potatoes, sea salt, vegetable oil, etc( acorrding your really need).
Making process:
1, peel potatoes, and cut into strips shape, the size of the strips is random;  
2, put potatoes into the pot, add water for boiling about 5 minutes. If fully cooked, and potatoes become rotten, which can not be fried in oil;
3, dry boiled potatoes strips and cooling;
4, when oil temperature reached 130 degrees, put potatoes strips into oil, do not let them stick together;
5, gently turn the potatoes for fring the other side, both sides must fry thoroughly, each side fried about 5 minutes. The market french fries usually made by the professional potato chips frying machine for controlling the oil temperature more well when producing large capacity;
6, when the potatoes fried is finished, they look very crisp with golden brown color. Filter oil from the french fries.

Two different fried strips taste is different, just follow customers or family taste. 
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