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What the Difference of Wafer Cone Making Machine Model A B M


         Firstly, these machines are all producing wafer cones, but in the producing, there are some differences you should know. The wafer cone barking machine can make wafer cone within 150mm long, and it has two pieces waffle on each baking plate.  Secondly, the ice cream cone barking machine mould B, this machine just has one piece of waffle each baking plate. But the longth of wafer cone can arrive the 185mm. Thirdly, the ice cream cone making machine mould M is more  flexible than these machines. It can produce the ice cream cone with longth from 60mm to 110mm. You will have more choices in producing wafer biscuits.

       All of these machines can be  designed  according to the different customers' requirements, so you needn't worry about it if you have other requirement. The same machine can make different products within round biscuit,sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices.  All these machines are full automatic, they can filling paste, baking, rolling and conveying-cooling-counting. What the big same feature about these machines is that the same machine can make different products within round biscuit, sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices. You can according your need to buy the moulds. So although these have some different features and same features, they are all used to make ice cream cone. If you are interested in these mahcine, please feel free to contact us.

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