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Why the Wooden Toothpick Market is So Big in the World


 Wooden ToothpicksEvery time when you going to supermarket, you will see many kinds of woothpicks in the shelves. With the development of society, the woothpicks can noy only to clean people'd teeth, but also can be used in many different places you can not imagine. Toothpick market are expanding, so the production toothpick manufacturers are also expanding, more and more people want to try in this field. Do you know what other usage of toothpick in life?  

1. Wood filler: Toothpicks also have plenty of uses outside the kitchen. Among the best and many popular uses is as a makeshift but sturdy wood filler. When you have removed screw holes for hinges, drawer hardware or other spots, you are able to fill the opening with toothpicks. Dab glue around the end of each toothpick, then slide it in, and discontinue the finish. Once the hole is tightly filled up with toothpicks, re-drill the stripped hole.
2. Touch up furniture and wood project : A toothpick is the best tool for adding paint to small scratches in furniture, woodwork and cabinets. It's smaller, cheaper and neater than the usual paintbrush, and will only repaint the small crack rather than the area.
3. Repair ornaments: A toothpick is also handy so you can get glue into small areas and on top of small surfaces, such as collectible figurines, statuettes or ornaments.
4. Fill small holes:Toothpicks can also hide random, exposed nail holes in timber projects. Dab some glue around the toothpick and push it into the hold. Discontinue the end, then sand flush and add stain or paint if required.
5. Sew buttons: Some sewing experts keep a couple of toothpicks in the sewing kit for sewing on buttons, either by machine or hand. They will use the toothpick as a thread shank to produce space between the button and also the fabric. The area is essential for your button to lock properly. Toothpicks will also be handy for cleaning and repairing stitching machines.
6. Mark tape: Avoid trying to find no more the tape roll, then shredding the tape in trying to use the end. Wrap the tape around a toothpick each time you finish using the tape.
7. Clean brush heads: Poke a stick through the bristles of the dog brush or another brush to simply pull out the accumulated hair.
8. Clean splits and gaps: Dip a toothpick in rubbing alcohol or other sterile cleaning answer, then put it to use to clean out cracks and gaps in furniture and gadgets. In addition, it will be the only way to reach into small spaces and clean out cobwebs and dirt.
9. Clean the phone: Forensic scientists have used toothpicks to collect drug deposits from drug dealers' phones. The residue is utilized as evidence with the dealers. You possibly will not have incriminating evidence for your phone receiver, but the truth is may have grime and dirt in the receiver holes. The simplest way to clean out the holes is with a toothpick.
10. Clean key boards: Likewise, keyboards have a great deal of tight, small spaces that are hard to clean with anything greater than a toothpick. 
 Have your got it? Because the toothpicks have so many different usage on people's life, so it has a big market in the future. If you want to try about this field, you can study more about toothpick making machine before you open your factory.
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