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Advantages of Pig Skin Frying Machine


       Have you use the machine to frying the pig skin? Or have you  make the pig skin by yourself? Pig skin is a very popular snacks in many countries. They can be eatn after oil frying, or cooking in chicken. But with the big market of frying pig skin sale, the process of frying become a difficult things for some pig skin supplies. During the process, if the frying  time is not enough, they will eat not crisp. But if the fried wiht a long time, they are also easy black in color, that's not good for sell well. So it is difficult to control the temperature. This frying machine can meet your requirements, help you make more delicious fried pigskin. 

       Advantages of pig skin frying machine? Firstly, this machine is equippedt with automatic lifting system, which make is more easy to clean.  And this machine has two mesh belts, one is upper mesh belt, and another is lower mesh belt. The design can avoid the picskin floater when frying process. So the  pig skin can taste more delicious. Then, this fryer adopt wheel in place, after fryer spotting,setting bolt high off the ground 3-4mm. General Speaking,user can add the oil 3cm higher than the upper net belt,the oil level can be below the upper net belt if the frying material is not floating. Next, a very important part is that the temperature of the oil can be control  by people,  it can avoid the pig skin looks not good. This continuous frying machine can realize continuously working, so you don't worry about your making process. 
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