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How To Use Plantain Slicer?


How to use plantain slicer? This may be a serious problem for many people who use the adjustable plantain chip slicer for the first. In fact, the operate method is very easy, you just only need to prepare the raw material, and open the machine switch, then put the material into the inlet, the machine will slicing the plantain automatically. So, you don’t consider how to use the plantain slicer, as long as you choose a good machine, a good manufacturer, the machine's producer will tell you how to use the machine.
As one of the plantain slicer manufacturers, we want to introduce our plantain slicer to you.
Plantain Slicer
The slicing machine produced by our company adopts high-speed rotary slicer, it has a high quality of slicing, uniform thickness and fresh finished product, do not destroy fibrous tissue, the price is reasonable.
The machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, guarantee long-term work rust, corrosion and harmless, meet the hygiene requirements of food processing machinery. The section thickness of this machine can be adjusted automatically according to its own needs, with wider applicability, simple operation, it is a new type of energy saving equipment designed and manufactured according to the market demand, the slicing effect is good, the surface is beautiful and tidy, no debris residue generation, power saving and safety. Applicable to restaurants, canteens and various self-employed use.
Our company is a professional manufacturer integrating r&d, production, sales and maintenance. The production of slicer with many functions, fast speed, high accuracy, low energy consumption, low noise, superior performance, complete functions, factory price supply.
If you have any demand of the machine, please send your requirement to us, we will send you the quotation as soon as possible.
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