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Where To Buy A Banana Slicer?


Where to buy a banana slicer? When you start a banana chips business, you need a banana slicer machine first, so where to buy banana slicer because a serious problem.
There are many ways to buy banana slicer machines, but as a manufacturer, we suggest that the majority of customers come to the manufacturer in person to test the machine, and then purchase. Because all the machines are made by factories, we have a better understanding of the details of machine design, construction, characteristics, etc., and we can give detailed answers to any questions from customers. And can let the customer field test machine, the field teaching, the assurance customer can buy the satisfaction banana slicer.
Now we will share some details about our adjustable plantain chip slicer:
This banana slicer produced by our company adopts rotary cutter cutting, the fruit and vegetable such as banana, yam, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato, radish, cucumber and potato can be processed into slices. It has good cutting quality, uniform thickness and size of finished products, fresh cutting surface and does not destroy fiber tissue. At the same time, this machine has high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for fruit and vegetable processing. It is mainly composed of frame, rotary cutter, driving part, motor and discharge port. Suitable for slicing of material of different volume and column. The contact parts of this machine are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Ensure long-term work non - rust, non - corrosive, non - toxic, harmless, in line with the hygiene requirements of food processing machinery.
When you want to buy a banana slicer, please send your requirement to us, we can introduce you a suitable model or custom for you according to your requirement.

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