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Fully Automatic Continuous Namkeen Fryer Machine


The continuous namkeen fryer machine adopts stainless steel material, automatic temperature control, timing blasting, automatic slag removal, and can be equipped with circulating filtration system, easy cleaning, automatic oil refill, electric leakage protection, temperature abnormal protection and alarm, heating method can be selected for electric heating, or gas heating, and can be used for all kinds of snacks.
The continuous namkeen fryer machine is equipped with automatic slag scraping system, which can remove the oil residue from the bottom continuously, overcoming the defect of conventional continuous snack deep fryer. Automatic filtration can keep oil clean, prolong oil service life, do not need to change oil frequently, and improve product quality. Adopting heat exchange heating and using circulating oil pump, the oil is always in the state of uniform circulation in the working process, so as to keep the oil temperature constant in oil tank and achieve the same product quality.
Computer controlled continuous namkeen fryer machine is used to produce high quality fruit and vegetable crisps, namkeen , french fries and so on, the taste is crisp and delicious, the flavor is different, maintains the fruit and vegetable natural nutrition, color and taste. Compared with the ordinary batch frying machine, the continuous namkeen fryer machine has higher cost performance and the following advantages: Continuous constant temperature frying, more uniform blasting, the finished product is more smooth, non-stick; continuous deoiling, continuously adjustable speed, even product deoiling, lower oil content; it not only saves manpower, lightens labor intensity, but also fundamentally avoids the influence of human factors on product quality; energy saving is about 30% and gas saving is about 40%.
If you interested in the continuous namkeen fryer machine, please contact us for more details, and if you also want a namkeen making machine, we can also provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry.

Continuous Namkeen Fryer Machine
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