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What Are The Types Of Plantain Slicer?


What are the types of plantain slicer? There are two types of plantain slicer that people use a lot, round plantain slicer and long plantain slicer. Now we will introduce you these two types.
Types Of Plantain Slicer

Round plantain slicer: this machine a kind of adjustable plantain chips slicer, the machine use rotary cutter cutting, it has the features of good quality of cutting surface, consistent thickness of finished products, fresh cutting surface tissue and will not destroy fiber tissue. And the machine with high efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency. Mainly used for banana, carrot, taro, ginger, potato, medicinal materials such as root, tuber material processing into slice. Simple structure, durable, convenient maintenance, smooth cutting surface, finished product slice thickness can be adjusted.

Types Of Plantain Slicer

Then we introduce you another type of plantain slicer: Long plantain slicer
This machine is a multi-functional fruit and vegetable cutting machine, which can be used for slicing and cutting strips. The minimum thickness of the finished product is 1mm. It adopts the principle of centrifugal cutting. The cutting surface is smooth and without damaging the material structure. This machine can cut strip and slice for banana, ginger, radish, cucumber, cucumber, bamboo shoot and so on. The two circuits of the cutting part are separately controlled, more stable performance, more convenient maintenance. The cutter can be replaced separately, without changing the whole cutter, greatly reduced input costs. And equipped with the induction switch, if you turn on the machine door, the machine will immediately stop working, effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
Here we just introduce you two types of plantain slicer, if you have other requirement, please tell us, we can custom according to your requirement.
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