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Toothpick Producing Machine


 Wooden Toothpicks MachineWith development of society, more and more food and snacks into people's lives. The development of the food industry lead the increasing consumption toothpick. Toothpick production is one of the most commonly overlooked, but very profitable businesses that anyone can venture into. The demand for toothpicks is always on the high, as it is used daily in homes, restaurants, hotels, public gatherings, and every other place where food is usually shared.Toothpick has become our  an indispensable part in daily life. With the improvement of toothpicks consumption, production toothpicks manufacturers also gradually increased. Therefore toothpick production line for many manufacturers becomes the necessary production machines. Some people who even want to start a business about toothpick but don't know about this machine may make some mistakes. Due to they lack of understanding toothpick production equipment, so that they may spend more time to choose machine, and even bought wrong model and capacity machine.
What is the function of toothpick making machine? can use toothpick used. Usually,  wood processing each cubic meters of wood, it can produce diameter 2.2 x 65 mm specifications of the wooden toothpick by soaking wood hardwood of different material, 150 ~ 200 kg. the above 7 machine, our factory has applied for national patent.
The wooden toothpick production line usually need 4-6 workers. Need to preprocess the wood into 140/105/70/30cm length, 6cm width and 3.5cm thickness firstly. Find some manufacturers who are professional in this field.  But the cost should be bear by the buyer.   The major raw materials required for toothpick production are bamboo or hardwood, and plastic containers. Before starting your business, you will need to find regular suppliers for these materials. Only when you have regular supply of raw materials will you be able to ensure steady and enhanced production as well as profitability  . Only good toothpick producing machine can  produce good quality products which may abstract more customers to buy them.
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