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Commercial Frying Machine


       This commercial frying machine can used to  make fried chicken nuggets, snacks and others with high quality. And this machine has two different type of heating ways, we have electric and gas heating ways. Which way is suitable for you  just depends on your needs. This commercial frying machine is automatic, so you don't worry about increasing your employees to operate this machine, you just need to know how to operate it is enough. It will be a big problem once the machine is rusty, as we all know that  the food rusty machine will reduce the quality of machine using life and impact the level of frying food. But this machine is made of stainless steel, it has long using life and more safe to customers. 
      How does this machine work? Firstly, prepareing what you want to produce before. The materials such as like chicken, chicken wings, french fries, and other fried foods is ok. Secondly, the the powdering machine can help you to make your material quickly wrapped in a layer of powder, very clean and easy. Thirdly, putting these materials i the oil with deep frying. You can maintain a constant temperature about the oil which make you fried materials more delicious. The very important thing is that de-oiling process.  Removing more oil, willl make your materials eat more refreshing. Finally stape. This kind of wind cooling machine is used to remove the oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. After the chicken nugget come into this machine from vibrating screen, the fan of this machine will produce air to cool the chicken nuggets and also remove the residual oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. 
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