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Flat Rice Noodles Machine Manufacturers


As one of professional rice noodles machine manufacturers, Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery CO., LTD. has occupied therice noodles machine and ho fun making machine for more than ten years. Our machines have been sold all over the country to 30 provinces and cities, and exported to many countries and regions such as the United States and Australia. More and more big enterprises and institutions and restaurants have chosen LONGER Machine. Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery rely on the product quality, leading science and technology, good after-sales service to win the customers of new and old customers.
Rice Noodle Machine Manufacturer
This rice noodles machine is mainly used for filling the grind rice milk into the machine, and though the machine for sizzling, cutting, and then chilling into cold rice noodle. Cold Rice Noodle’s raw material is rice, rice after washing and grinding into powder, add water within the powder to create rice paste,steamed into rice noodle.The original rice noodle is white,but you can add the veggie juice or veggie juice to made vibrant and nutrient-rich rice noodle.

There've some tips to make the fresh rice noodle, pls attention:
When you handle the raw material, you need to washing the rice before treating, and control soak time fairly; Unseasoned and final product can’t be placed on a single place;All of the container for putting the rice noodle should dry and clean to increase the shelf-life; When the rice noodle steaming, you’d better keep smooth and don’t turn these to keep the fine surface. Suitable for restaurant, attribute snack bar and so on kinds of food business. If you want more details about this machine, please contact us.

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