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The future of Automatic Manufacturing Company


          From the current point of view of the automatic manufacturing company can be divided into two blocks: the overall system solution business,  automatic components business. From future development, automatic capability in the industry to stay ahead of the business is expected to continue to benefit. More and more businessmen begin to use automatic machines to improve their output.

          Also part of the integration of acquisitions through the market when we can begin to play an increasing star within the traditional manufacturing industries, the rapid expansion of channels in the industry may also be staged Pretty Woman play, to achieve transformation. Butthe domestic  industry started late, low starting point, in comparison to mature foreign companies large gap.

         Although the automatic machines is still in a disadvantage domestic brands, domestic brands but get the opportunity to intelligent 
automatiion in a few areas. First, the necessity to combine the functions of the   automatic industry downstream industries, conducted a systematic integration of industrial applications throughout the robotics industry, the  automatic machine is only  very less, software development, systems integration accounts for more, while the  automatic downstream industry is vastly different, you need to have a deeper experience of the downstream industry, this is precisely the advantage of domestic enterprises. If the company can take advantage of an industry in the downstream, then over a period of time, can maintain its monopoly position, thus contributing to the continuation of the company's growth.

          IT era is the development of key talent, though, but adding intelligent robots to food processing labor-intensive industries such as food industry has brought revolutionary changes. Skilled professionals think that digital, networked, intelligent the years have come, after the technique of industrial development in 2014 among China's candy machinery equipment automation, intelligent technology forward the next step of development.

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