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The Feature of Food Processing Machinery


       Food borne illness is really a complex problem relating to the producer, the land, equipment used to nurture, harvest, and prepare food for transport, processing and packaging, maintaining product reliability returning to promote, and actual consumer use of the product once received. So the food processing machines become a very important part for people to keeping eat safe foods.

Food Processing Technology

       Many prolems about food processing become more imporant for people to keep healthy. That's all dependent on research work that generally is remote from the food handling site. As lab chip technologies have become available, we now have moved toward real-time assessment, one step toward automatic and swift look at food borne illness. Practical implementation of the chip technology still requires suitable storage of specimens files, standardization, timely using analysis, sterile environment for the specimen and processor, and maintenance of the particular pathogen sensors.

Food Packaging Machine

        “Miniature stick-packaging” has become developed to pre-store and release reagents innate to laboratory chip processing. The process?has been adopted for commercial packaging. Over 270 North American and European companies employ a process employing microfluidics. The microfluidic-enabled microchip connects the processor component of the chip to the tests material via tubules which permit small samples to penetrate the chip’s processing chamber. Answers are reported quickly. These chips have employment with food processors and then the medical community.

Meat Processing Equipment

         Canada has experienced recent special fascination with Listeria evaluation of consumer-ready meat products. A microfluidic/ biosensor device capable of producing useful results in Listeria detection is still proposed for processed meat and presumably for products on the processing point before entering the submission and receiving the meat product. Preliminary lab-on-chip evaluation is ongoing on the University of Alberta.

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