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Do You Know Short History Of Ice Cream?


Many people like to eat ice cream, but do you know the short history of ice cream?

1. At the end of the tang dynasty, people began to make ice in summer.
2. In the song dynasty, merchants began to add fruit or juice to cold food.
3. In the yuan dynasty, fruit pulp and milk were added to the ice.
4. In the 13th century, Marco Polo brought the method of making ice cream to Italy, and the Italians brought it to France. The French have invented a semi-solid form of ice cream - cream, milk, spices mixed in with patterns to make ice cream more colorful and tasty.
5. The first 'CafeProcope' opened in Paris around 1660, Italian Cotelli makes fruit juices that are flavored with oranges or lemons, then freezes them into ice berries and sells them.
6. In 1774, French royal Louis chefs began making early forms of ice cream called cream ice.
7. In 1846, a man named Nancy Johnson invented a hand-cranked ice cream machine. Add salt or potassium nitrate to the ice to make it colder. Then the milk, eggs, sugar and so on are put into a small bucket and stirred constantly, and the ice cream is made in a short while.
8. In 1851, the milk merchant JACOBFUSSEL industrialized ice cream. He set up a factory in Baltimore and began mass production of ice cream.
9. The industrialization of ice cream has been rapidly developed all over the world thanks to the inventions of 1899 homogenizer, 1902 circulating refrigerating machine and 1913 continuous refrigerating machine. At the 1904 st. Louis world's fair, some people baked pancakes made from eggs, milk and flour into cones and put ice cream in them for the people at the fair to taste. Before long, this ice cream cone became popular all over the world.
The above is the short history of of ice cream development, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

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