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What Is Sugar Cubes Manufacturing Process?


The cube sugar production line is a necessary equipment for producing cube sugar. It can  complete sugar cubes manufacturing process automatically, the shape and volume of the sugar  cube produced is uniform, easy to pack and store.
Sugar cube manufacturing process is the white sugar or brown sugar and other sugar solution or water, stirring, blanking, rolling, cutting, drying, rolling, screening and other processes. The production line is made up of automatic mixer, automatic rolling machine, automatic cutting machine, tunnel oven, vibration screening machine and so on. With PLC control, advanced parts are used in electrical appliances. The machine is equipped with high precision and good wear resistance. It compresses granulated material into a cube sugar block and becomes a qualified cube sugar after drying in a drying box. The cube sugar production line has high automation, convenient maintenance and stable performance.
But before you use the machine, you should pay attention to several points:
1. Different raw materials, the output will also change.
2. According to the different materials, some products in the production should be with infrared drying oven, flat plate conveyor, automatic block machine, automatic packaging machine, code machine and other matching, lead into flow operation, such as white sugar, chicken essence, and then the red sugar kind of press can be directly packed. The output of sugar in heteromorphic mould is lower than 30% of cube sugar.

Sugar Cube Manufacturing Process
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