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Reliable Candy Bar Making Machine Suppliers In China


As a reliable candy bar making machine suppliers, we can provide our customer for automatic sesame brittle machine, peanut candy making machine, nougat making machine. All these candy bar making machine can complete pressure, forming, cutting automatically.
The candy bar making machine produced by our company with the following features:
1. In the process of suppress, the structure of raw materials will not be destroyed, and the original taste of the product will be maintained.
2. The machine is positioned accurately, and the mould is closely matched to ensure the shape and size of the finished products are the same.
3. Use high-performance inverter, adjustable speed, high efficiency, continuous production of 24 hours.
4. Hoppers and conveyor belts are made of non cohesive materials, which are cleaner and hygienic.
5. The machine is mature in technology, large in output and simple in operation.
6. The machine can produce different products by changing moulds.
7. The length of cooling conveyor and cooling fan can be changed according to need to improve the cooling effect.
Service from candy bar making machine suppliers:
1. Free of charge for you to provide pre sales services (related to the raw materials, packaging and other manufacturers information; help you select the appropriate machine model, process flow, if necessary, we can provide door to door service).
2. Design a reasonable package transportation plan for you for free.
3. Free debugging equipment for you, training equipment operators and maintenance personnel.
4. Provide the whole machine warranty for one year, long-term preferential supply of spare parts, life-long maintenance.
5. Provide occasional visits and equipment maintenance services.
Candy bar making machine value-added service:
1. Mold design, if the customer has special requirements for the shape of the finished products, you can provide the drawings. We can design according to your requirements.
2. Regular equipment improvement, process innovation training, so that you can improve production efficiency and produce competitive advantage products.
 Candy Bar Making Machine Suppliers
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