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Automatic Nut Coating Equipment Manufacturer


Zhengzhou Longer Machinery as a nut coating equipment manufacturer, mainly produces sugar coated peanut making machine, nut coating equipment, and other coating machine. Our company designed and developed the molding, wrapping and other dozens of food processing equipment, can not only provide food processors with a single device, and also provide users with a variety of equipment to form a complete production line, and strictly control the quality of equipment. After years of efforts and innovation, we produce the nut coating equipment has been exported to the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries.
Our nut coating equipment with following advantages:
1. Uniform spraying slurry, good effect, low crushing rate, improve product quality and effectively reduce costs.
2. Convenient operation, no training for operators, easy to learn.
3. The barrel body is stainless steel, sanitary and easy to clean.
Notes for use:
1. Make sure that the ground wire contacts well before using.
2. During operation, the machine must be kept stable so as not to vibrate and damage the core.
3. If there is any abnormal situation (noise, odor and smoke) during the use, the power should be cut off immediately, the power socket should be unplugged and the circuit should be checked.
4. The protective cover of all parts shall not be removed except for maintenance.

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