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        With development of society, coffee become more popular around the world.  China has second largest opulation in the world, so coffee becomes  also popular in China. But after many time to drink coffee, do you know how to drink coffee? 

       First drink little cold water to keep your mouth clean. Then drink hot coffee, because coffee tannins easily be changed in the cooling process and tasting sour which will affect the coffee flavor. Especially black coffee, it will taste, so suger cub is your best partner. 
Therefore, the first hot drink without sugar and creamer "black coffee", feel the flavor of coffee powder is not applied before. Then add some sugar and add cream in coffee. Enjoy a good cup of coffee in accordance with the process, not only can help you to understand the different levels of coffee taste, but also help you to improve your ability to appreciate coffee. When the coffee with sugar cub, it will taste more free and relax with sweet. When you add suger cub, you can add them, but it will make coffee spill if you use suger clip put into coffee. After that, Have you got it?
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