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Chin Chin Cutting Machine Sold To Nigeria


Today, we sold one set chin chin cutting machine to Nigeria. We all know that chin chin is a fried snack in West Africa, specially in Nigeria. Many people bake it with ground nutmeg for flavor. The cube dough is usually cut into small one-inch squares, about a quarter of an inch thick, but it is before frying. And the chinchin making machine is the main tool for chin chin production and it also a hot selling product in our company.
1. The width, length and thickness can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement. And the shapes can be changed by changing molds, also can design according to customers’ requirement.
2. This machine is small but high output, cheap but durable.
3. This machine imitates the principle of manual production, has advanced design, reasonable structure, simple operation, safety, environmental protection, energy-saving and other performance characteristics, and is well received by the majority of Nigeria users.
4. The machine is simple in design, easy to maintain and high in production efficiency. It has a broad market prospect in Nigeria and is an ideal choice for food manufacturers and personal investment.
If you also interested in this machine, please contact us for free, we can introduce you a suitable model according to your requirement.

Chin Chin Cutting Machine in Nigeria

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