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How to Begin Your Hanging Stick Noodles Business


As we all, noodles is chinese peopel's favorite. But with the  development of society, more and more people like to eat noodles around the world. More and more hanging stick noodles factories opened in the world. So the Hanging Stick Noodles Production Plant become Supplier beloved by Merchants.

While noodles, and restaurants serving noodles, are nothing new, national noodle chains are simply emerging. These concepts are in their franchising start, some having fewer than 10 operating units. A large amount of cities and markets across the country have never seen a noodle concept. The popularity is just beginning, and we're over the forefront of it," says George Krotonsky, president of untamed Noodles, a fast-casual chain serving up noodle dishes from around the globe.

Zyng Noodlery, run by franchise development company Fransmart, is really a full-service Pan Asian grill that enables customers to create their own dishes. The idea began in 1997 and began franchising two years later. Most dishes are noodle-based, with people adding vegetables, protein (meat, poultry, fish or tofu) and sauces, cooked up in one the restaurant's exhibition kitchens for all patrons to see.

While offering different experiences to customers, noodles also have a benefit for your chains that promote them. "Noodles are great from a business perspective, since it is a cheap starch; it's really a cheap approach to fill a bowl," says Dan Rowe, Chief executive officer of Zyng Noodlery.
Machine Making Stick Noodles

There are endless possibilities for what to throw into that bowl. Wild Noodles, an idea which was founded in 2001 and began franchising this year, focuses on international noodle dishes. "If I go along with my loved ones and I am within the mood with an Italian pasta dish and my wife's within the mood with an Asian dish and my kids want macaroni and cheese, I can get all those things at one time,"experts says.

Everything variety provides customers having a welcome change from the harder traditional full-service and fast-casual fare. "It's not burgers or sandwiches--noodles are different things," experts says.

Fun is an angle played up by fast-casual Pan Asian chain Mama Fu's Noodle House, a company that has the word "laughter" designed in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese in every of their restaurants. "Our theme is '70s and '80s and disco music. "Come to Mama' whenever you walk in," says Martin Sprock, president and CEO of Mama Fu's, which made its debut in June and is part of the Wow! Brands group of restaurants.
Noodles Business
Although the chain does call itself a noodle house, it's much more about an attitude than the usual serious dedication to noodle dishes. It will take its cues from bohemian noodle houses in places like San Francisco. "We desired to call it a noodle house as a result of feel, not necessarily because we sell more noodle dishes than rice dishes and salads or anything like that," says Sprock, whose Wow! Brands also operates Moe's Southwest Grill and Planet Smoothie.

Regardless of whether noodles really are a menu cornerstone or general theme, these concepts attract customers trying to find something a little healthier to eat while remaining in familiar territory. "Noodles are comfort meals towards the max, without being decadent and without leaving the diner feeling like they overindulged," Salzman says.
 Even though they are displaying a starchy food, these chains aren't afraid of being negatively influenced by low-carb trends. "You make food that tastes great, that's lower in fat and a little healthier for everyone no matter what diet they're on," says Mama Fu's Sprock.

In fact, the industry is proving its strength and flexibility despite the potential threat of the low-carb diet craze. Hanging Stick Noodles Business possess a much more to offer their customers than just noodles. "Most in our dishes are available carb-free, with just protein and vegetables and sauce, no noodles," says Hanging Stick Noodles Business Expert  "We certainly haven't seen any potential to deal with our menu, and now we have a lot of salads. We provide several options."
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