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Application of the Automatic Sugar Cooking Pot in Whole Line


       Automatic suagr cooking pot also named with the Jacket Kettle, sugar boiling machine, wildly used in the different kinds of the sugar candy processing line. This suagr cooking machine consist of the pot body and the feet. The body of the suagr cooking pot is made of the spherical body,the sandwich of the pan body designed with the steam heating system, that’s why this machine also named the Jacket Kettle sometimes. This designed can increase the heating area of the whole machine, the materials can be heated very well. Now this suagr pot cooking machine has been used in many fields, such as the kinds of the foods processing factory, the large restaurant or canteen soup, cooking, stew, porridge and so on. It can imporve the whole effenciency of the whole foods making process, reduce the processing time.

      Features of the automatic sugar cooking pot:
1. The machine composed of a pot body and a tilting frame
2.  Designed with inner and outer two-tier structure, the middle layer is the steam heating system.
3. High heating efficiency
Sugar pot cooking machine designed with a certain pressure steam as heat source (also can use electric heating), sandwich pot has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, liquid boiling time is short, easy to control heating temperature and so on. 
4. Safe and convenient
      Inner pot is made of Austenitic stainless steel with acid and heat resistance. It is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve. It is beautiful in appearance, easy to install, convenient in operation and safe and reliable.  
      This sugar cooking pot is an ideal machine for the suagr processing in the factory.

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