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Features of the Peanut Candy Bar Cutting Machine


       The peanut candy bar cutting machine also can named the peanuts candy bar forming machine, mainly used for cutting the peanuts candy bar, sesame candy bar, etc.  The peanut candy bar cutting machine designed with the intermittent feeding system, the single-pole sawing when bindering the materials automaticlly.  The thickness of each peanuts candy bar from the 3 mm to 23 mm for reference. All the final cutted peanuts candy bar with the same size and thickness. The machine can cool the peanuts candy bar down, finished products will not stick each other. The traditional way is limited to the small capacity, not suitable for the large capacity in the large factory.  This peanut candy cutting machine improve the capacity of the peanuts candy bar making process.  Reducing the workers power in the working process. Final products will not broken easily.  After the fine packing, final products will looks more beautiful, can sold to the large markets. 

       This peanuts candy bar cutting machine is usually used in the whole peanuts candy bar making line, but it also can used singlely. 

      Specifications of peanut candy bar cutting machine:
      Power: 3.0 KW
      Capacity:  400 to 800 kg per hour 

      Size: 6200*1800*1200
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