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Flat Buckwheat Noodles Making Machine


       Flat noodles is the staple food among some Asian area, especially in Japan. Japanese most like to eat buckwheat in their daily life, but these noodles are usually round fine noodles. There are still some places people like to eat the flat buckwheat in restaurant, and even sometime made them at home.  
      This flat buckwheat noodles making machine can make the flat noodles for the noodles processing factory or restaurant.  The buckwheat noodles is just one type of noodles, still have some other noodles types can be found in the market, such as the vegetable noodles, grain noodles, stick noodles, etc. This types noodles making machine commonly make the flat noodles with 6 rollers, different size of the rollers can be choosed for different size noodles. The final capacity also is different, smallest is 150 kg per hour, and the larggest capacity is the 300 kg per hour.  The weight of the machine from 350 kg to 960 kg. 

      It is an ideal equipment for making flat buckwheat noodles in your business. We can also offer you noodles packing machine

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