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Commercial Automatic Sugar Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine


          This automatic sugar ice cream cone baking machine only used for baking sugar cone with different capacity.  This machine usually used for making the flat suagr cone for the suagr cones suppliers. The suagr cone making cost is very low, beacuse the materials is common, just the eggs, suagr, flour and other needed food additives. And for the suagr cone baking machine, the whole making process is autoamtic, automatic feeding flour batter into machine, automatic close the baking sheet, autoamtic cone forming and rolling, and finally, the finished cones will fall down from machine. Whole process two workers are enough for operating this suagr cone baking machine. The size of the cone is determined by different cone molds, it is customized.
          In order to prolong the service life of the machine, clean each baking sheet after using them. And applying the lubricate oil on the joints of the machine, keep its flexibility. Satying away from the water is the best choice for safety. If the cone sheet appear the broken condition, please check whether the feeding mouth with blockage, and clean it timely.


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