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Starch and Flour Drying Machine - Mechanical Principle


The principle of this starch drying machine
       Firstly, the wet material through the conveyor and the natural heated air also into the dryer at the same time, and both fully mixed. Due to the large area of ​​heat and mass transfer, so it can achieve the purpose of evaporative drying in a very short time. 
       Secondly, finished product after drying is discharged from the cyclone, a small part of the flying powder obtained from the cyclone or bag filter can be recycl used. It is a negative pressure type air dryer operation, and the material does not pass the fan; the air dryer operation is positive; and the material through the fan with the crushing effect. Another type air dryer exhaust is recycling, its usage is to strengthen the type air dryer, which set flash drying and air drying as one.
       Thirdly, the fan has dispersion, especially for heat sensitive materials airflow drying operation. High-speed swirling fan impeller, can make the make the materials more wet, even agglomerated material crushing until the dispersion, during the dispersion while stirring, mixing, and then hot air and material both flow in parallel step. This type of equipment to meet the dried filter cake,  but also belong to material moisture. If the moisture content less than 40%, it can be processed with two air drying. When the material moisture content exceeds 40%, but less than 60%, the pocess wil becoms difficult to feed more, should use the mixer, by entering into the dry material ways to reduce feeding water. This the total drying equipment, there was a substantial decline in economy for businessmen. 
      Therefore, the user should be mechanically to reduce the feed water as possible in order to ensure the smooth progress of the drying starch and flour. 
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