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Maintenance of Instant Noodles Production Line


For many instant noodles businessmen, maintenance the problem of instant noodels production plant is a headache thing. Every time to maintenance the machine will cost many times, money and workers. 
      How can we do when the machine appear some problems? 

      Here are two ways to maintain the whole line: 

1. Synchronous repair method: During the producing, if there are some problems about some part of the machines, and it not influence the producing, and make the production line continue work. These problems can be in some times the workers day off.  The operaters should solve these problems quickly and ensure the machine can be used in next time, and don't influence the processing.

2. Division repair method: If the instant noodles producing line appear some big problems in the making process, and will need a long time to repaire. First to find which parts are broken. And then, repairing some problems at this time, and next time to reapire other problems. All these methods are ensure  the making line is still working. 
  instant noodle production line, if there is a larger problem, repair time is longer. Can not use synchronous repair method.Then use Sunday, the concentration of maintenance workers, operatives on a part of repair until the next Sunday, Another part of the repair, to ensure that the production line in the working hours of non-stop.

3. Timely changing the worn components to avoid the problems in the processing. 


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