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Beans Snacks Fryer Machine for Sale


         Beans snacks fryer machine is multifunctional, the customers can use this machine make many kinds of snacks they want.  This machine has been sold in many countries, such as Peru, Bolivia, the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom, etc.  So many people have used this machine, and the  feedback is good.

      Producing process:
      Heating ways:
      1. Electric heating way
      2. Gas heating way

Final products show:

Products advantages:
Beans snacks fryer machine is suitable for meat, fish, vegetables, flour snacks processing.
2. Less oil and pollution,  the temperature can be controlled.
3. Simple, safe and easy to clean, convenient to maintenance. Equipment consist of manual lifting system, unique product delivery system, slag systems, heating systems, exhaust system, electrical system and other components.
4. Burner is used by Italian brand. Each piece of the machine is very important for the whole machine.

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