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How to install sesame paste grinder machine?


Installation and Use of Sesame Paste Grinder
1. Connect the feed hopper or feed pipe and the discharge port, connect the discharge circulation pipe, and then connect the cooling water (JM-L50a, b without cold water pipe system) and drain pipe.
2. Install the electric starting device, (if the conditional user can be equipped with an ammeter, indicator, or inverter, etc.) After connecting the power supply, pay special attention to the starting direction, determine whether the motor rotates in the normal direction, or from the feeding pipe. Whether the direction of rotation is the same as the rotation direction arrow of the 'red warning sign' on the sesame grinder machine. Absolute bans on idling (lack of fluid in the cavity) and reversal.
3. At the time of delivery, the adjusted limit screw is already installed on the discharge port of the device, and the gap of the disc is at the finest pitch for machining. To adjust the disc gap, loosen the upper limit screw of the outlet port first, and then turn the two handles on the adjustment disc (counterclockwise) to loosen, and then turn the adjustment disc clockwise when turning the adjustment. When the disk feels a little resistance, it stops immediately. At this time, the reading of the scale on the adjusting plate and the pointer on the body determines that the gap between the moving and stationary grinding plates is '0'. However, the number of readings on the dial circle should be remembered, this number is not 0 degrees and the disc is ‘0’, and then reversed (counterclockwise) to adjust the disc several times to make the gap between the moving disc and the static disc slightly larger than zero. The scale of the adjustment plate is 0.01mm for each entry and exit. Generally, in the case of meeting the fineness requirements of the processing materials, the gap of the grinding disc should be kept as much as possible. At the same time, the handle should be used to lock the adjusting disc, and then the upper limit screw of the feeding port box is adjusted to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
4. After the cooling water is turned on, inject about 1 to 2 kg of liquid material or other liquids related to the processed material, and keep the wet material in the reflux state through the circulation pipe. Only then can the colloidal mill be started. After the normal operation, the material is fed into the colloid mill immediately for processing and production, while the idling colloid mill can be exempted from this.
5. Before shutting down, add appropriate amount of water or other liquids related to processing materials into the hopper or inside the cavity, and keep the wet material in the reflux state through the circulation pipe. When starting the machine, it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of wet material in the hopper and return it to the material immediately. Otherwise, it will damage the hard combination seal and even cause a leak to burn the motor.
6. Processing materials pay attention to the motor load, found that overload should reduce the feed.
7. When the sesame grinding machine is in action, the discharge valve must not be closed so as to avoid leakage due to excessive pressure in the grinding chamber.
8. Colloid mill is a high-precision machinery, grinding disc gap is very small, fast speed. Operators should strictly observe their positions and work in accordance with the regulations. They should immediately stop the machine if they find a fault, and rectify the problem after troubleshooting.
9. After the seasme grinder is used, it should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned inside the body so as not to leave the material in the body so as to avoid damage to the machine due to hard mechanical bonding.

Special Attention Items of Seasme Paste Grinder Machine
1. No hard substances such as quartz sand, broken glass, and metal shavings must be mixed in the processed materials. It is strictly forbidden to enter the grinder colloid mill for processing.
2. Before starting, shutting down and starting the cleaning, the sesame grinding mill body must be left with water or liquid material, and it is prohibited to idle and reverse. Otherwise, improper operation can seriously damage the hard mechanical components or static grinding discs, moving discs or leaking and burning the motor.
3. Products are subject to notice without affecting the basic structure and performance improvements.

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