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Ho Fun Making Machine for Sale


Ho fun making machine for sale
The emergence of ho fun making machine has saved a lot of labor and reduced costs for ho fun manufacturer. What are the advantages of ho fun making machine and what issues should be paid attention to when using it?
Performance characteristics:
1. Keep tradition: maintain the original characteristics of water vapor production, the shape of the ho fun made of round / square.
2. Simple operation: the operator only needs to master the button operation, which reduces labor intensity and saves labor.
3. Use convenience: with automatic water supply system, without interrupting the production process, ready to start production.
4. Product diversity: can produce cold noodles, rice noodles, ho fun noodle, flat noodles and so on.
5. Stability and durability: 304 stainless steel, durable.
6. Energy saving and environmental protection: heating 246 kg of water only takes 20 minutes, the consumption of fuel is 1/4 of the traditional production methods, save energy, reduce production costs.
Use cautions:
1. Wash, dry, and apply cooking oil to the new machine before use.
2. Operators must wear long sleeves, gloves and work caps when operating the machine.
3. Keep the machine clean after shutting down, there is no residual flour slurry.
4. Maintain the lubrication of gears and rolling bearings.
5. Never allow other hard objects to fall into the rollers and gears.
6. Replace bearing grease every six months.
The above is the ho fun machine use method and its features,we hope that can help you.If you have any other question,please contact us for free.
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