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Injera Maker Machine Working Flow


Injera making machine working flow

Injera machine adopts advanced electric heating or gas heating, heating fast, environmental protection and safety. Can make round, square and other shape of injera or spring roll sheet, thickness and size can be customized, high efficiency, can produce 28000pcs per hour.
Principle of injera maker machine:
1. Change the traditional manual processing, design for the modernization of mechanical production.
2. Safe and practical electric heating, good insulation and power saving.
3. The knife and the heating barrel has the clearance, reduces the knife to the heating tube the wear, enhances the machine the service life, the cutter uses the modernized processing method, accurate, reasonable.
4. 304 stainless steel transport belt, safe, sanitary and reliable, the whole machine uses 304 materials.
Injera making machine working flow:
1. In accordance with the proportion of flour and water deployment.
2. Pour flour slurry into the funnel.
3. The motor will transport flour slurry to the mold .
4. With the baking disc rotation, injera gradually mature, and eventually separated from the baking tray, after cooling the belt, collection, preservation.
Core Advantages:
1. There is a gap between the knife and the heating barrel, which prolongs the life of the heating barrel and the knife.
2. The whole machine uses the National Attestation food material processing.
Our company has been adhering to the "customer first, quality first" concept, relying on professional design, processing team. Constantly committed to injera making machine innovation and improvement. From the original hand-made to the current machine production, strong market recognition and customer satisfaction, so that we have never stopped the pace of progress.
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