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Two Kinds Methods of Lubricating Instant Noodle Production Line


Two Kinds Methods of Lubricating Instant Noodle Production Line:
      The problem of lubricating instant noodle production line related to the usage of instant noodles production line and whether instant noodle production line can work properly, then how can we keep the instant noodle production line lubricating degree in our daily producing? Instant noodle production line that can be divided into two categories, one is the manual timing lubrication and another is the continuous lubrication.
      The manual timing lubrication refers to the regular check the instant noodle machine equipment, and regular inspection and lubrication of this line. This iubrication device used in this simple structure, generally used for light load, low speed and unimportant parts. Commonly used lubrication device "oil cup" is mainly used for oil lubrication and grease lubrication of the instant noodles production line.
      Continuous lubrication, under normal circumstances the use of wick, needle valve oil cup, oil bath, splashing oil, etc. This way relative to the manual lubrication, and it is more complex, but it is very reliable for offering oil. Oil bath, splash oil lubrication are mainly used in closed transmission. The oil is splashed on the other parts while the gear is turning. So you should to ensure the normal use of instant noodle production line to prevent interference friction shorten the machine life of instant noodles.
      That's the methods of lubricating instant noodle production line, if you want to know more about the instant noodles produciton line, just feel free to contact us.  

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